Monday, January 26, 2015

Who's Behind Steppin It Up

Whos_Behind_SIUI would like to introduce myself to everyone who would like to associate the face with the voice behind Steppin It Up. I am currently an active stepper, instructor, as well as promoter. I decided to start Steppin It Up the organization as well as the webpage to add to the promotion, growth and unity of steppin here in L.A. from a positive perspective.

My goal is to do my part to keep this dance united and growing in Los Angeles. I started by organizing a grab bag contest in the past which had twelve couples at all levels and ended up organizing the West Coast Largest Steppers Contest giving away $1000 in cash for it's first year. I also have several other accomplishments as listed below. I believe through my continual involvement in the steppin community it will help contribute to building the strength and confidence of it as a whole.

Qiana "Nikki" Heidelberg

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Years Steppin: 6

Steppin Activity: Stepper, Instructor, Promoter

Favorite Songs: "Everyday" Jamiroquai, "Love Love Love" Donny Hathaway, "The Makings of You" Gladys Knight ...(Too many to name)

Favorite Steppers: Rodney "Doc" Ellis (Atlanta), Steve Satterfield (L.A.), Kevin "Doc” Dockery (Chicago) ...(Too many to name)

Most Memorable Moments: Winning My 1st Contest


Volunteer instructor for middle through high school kids summer program

Los Angeles Largest Instructors/Promoters Unity Meeting

West Coast Steppers Picnic

West Coast Classic Ball

Steppin' Out the Box Workshops

West Coast Largest Steppers Contest

Appearance on TV One Television Show "Ultimate Merger"

(Too many celebrity nudes to name :)

My humble beginnings in 2007 was with the Steppin B crew, Garry of Celebrity Steppers, the late Robert Pires (L.A.), my out-of-town steppin family Mykel "Shorty Smooth" and Deon Farr (Milwaukee) as well as Feo Duncan and Candace Hinton (Flint) that have given me a solid foundation to get me where I am now. I appreciate Casper, Darlinda Russell, and Darrell Davis for coming to L.A. giving free classes teaching a way to incorporate the traditional style to the dance. Last but not least Steve Satterfield (L.A.), Drew Alexander (Detroit), Tykmyn and Dre (Chicago) for constantly putting up with my challenges, thousands of questions, and determination to get the right aspect of the dance and its techniques. I thank them all for helping me step it up in this dance. I also thank the steppin community for their collective effort to grow the dance and their continued support for Steppin It Up.

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